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Many passages we travel would be difficult at best if not for the paths, trails, roads, and bridges that take us there. I usually exclude modern impacts to the landscape in my photos. But passageways make excellent subjects. They draw you into the photograph with vanishing points and subtle curves. They lend an air of mystery: Where will this bend lead? What's around that corner? And the understated elegance that underlies the engineering required to build the passageway in the first place: How did they fling that span across the chasm? Who carved these steps into the side of the mountain? What feet of erstwhile travelers once trod where I now stand, what eyes beheld what I now see?

When assembling this gallery, I selected only photos where the passageway is visible. In some cases, the passageway IS the photo. In others, it is a compositional element. In many, it is barely discernible. Regardless, these photos embody the journey being the destination.

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